Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 2


October 10, 2022

This month, your baby will be at more ease and busy building their own routine suited for their needs. They can see and hear a little more clearly. With these added abilities, expect them to be more interactive. 

As parents, always engage your child by talking to them and holding them. Give them time to engage in play and tummy time for a couple of minutes of exercise.

How much has your baby grown in the first month?

Similar to your baby’s growth in the first month, you can expect about an inch of added height while your baby might add about 900 grams in weight. 

Your doctor will schedule a checkup at the end of the second month as well. During the appointment, you can get an accurate measurement of how much your baby has grown in the past month. The doctor will also compare this growth and let you know if there are any problematic signs. 

Your baby’s gross motor skills

Into the second month, your baby will move their hands and legs around a lot more. With more coordinated movements, they might even try to grasp things, whatever they find interesting. Your baby’s sleeping slightly less than in the first month.

They cannot yet hold their neck but the neck muscle is getting stronger. So, make sure to give them about five minutes of tummy time using a mirror to engage them. 

How will your baby communicate?

You might also feel more engaged this month talking with your baby as they start making a few vowel sounds here and there. Even though your baby isn’t talking to you directly, they will be making more sounds every day. 

You can help them develop their communication by engaging them in conversations and reading to them. Right now most of their conversation however is just them crying for your help. 

What should you feed your baby?

Remember that when you are feeding your baby, breastfed babies need to be fed a few more times compared to bottle-fed ones.  

By the second month, your baby can drink more milk per feed. Your baby might drink about 150 ml of milk every 3 to 4 hours. 

Social and emotional milestones at this age?

Towards the end of the second month is when babies start to smile for real. If you have been lucky, you might have caught a few glimpses of your baby smiling at you while you were changing them or cleaning them.

When your baby cries for anything, make sure to soothe them and provide them with attention. This helps to build the security and assurance they need to feel safe as they grow older. 

Best toys for this age?

Some toys recommended for babies this age are:

  • Tummy mirrors
  • Color cards
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Colorful pillows

How much will your baby sleep?

Now that your baby has reached two months of age, they are slightly more aware of the day and night. You might notice that they are more awake during the daytime. Their nighttime schedule will also become more consistent. They will still spend about 14-17 hours a day sleeping but they can sleep for a longer stretch at a time. Try to increase the quality of their sleep by making sure they aren’t disturbed and properly fed. 

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