Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 3


October 12, 2022

Baby growth is remarkable in the very early months. Your baby will gain near about a kilogram a month during this time. You should focus on nourishing them every three to four hours. 

They will also quickly grasp onto different shapes, designs, objects, and colors. So, if you haven’t, you should fill their space with soft toys that engage their attention when they are awake. Buy soft toys that are safe and that your baby can grab onto with their small hands.

How much has your baby grown in the third month?

On average, a baby grows anywhere between half an inch to one inch in height every month till they reach six months of age. In weight, they should gain about 700 to 900 grams every month. So, expect your baby to grow accordingly as well.  

The soft spot called the fontanelle is also already hardened by this month. You will also notice that their fingernails have gotten longer and might cause them scratches. Get nail cutters that you can use on them to file down their nails. 

Your baby’s gross motor skills

By the end of the third month, your little one is folding and straightening their hands very casually. They can move around their hands and legs in coordination. Have you realized that lately, your child has been trying to grasp onto objects near them? This coordination will get better over time. 

Their ability to see and hear things has developed a lot, so you will notice that they are looking around a lot and holding their glare for longer. 

How will your baby communicate?

By now, you will also start to understand your child way better. Although your baby will not use words, there will be more non-verbal communication. The cues and non-verbal signs will become much more apparent to you by now. You will be able to figure out your baby is hungry when they cry or suck on their hands or stick out their tongue. You will also get to enjoy your baby smiling more often this month. 

What should you feed your baby?

Your baby will either breastfeed or bottle feed about 8 times a day. They can drink slightly more every month and their feedings will get less frequent every week. You might not need to feed your baby in the middle of the night as much as you needed to in the first and second month. Your baby might sleep through the night as well. 

Social and emotional skills at this age?

Your tiny baby is taking in a lot of information everyday. Even though they don’t have the ability to understand language or conversation, non-verbal cues have become very verbal to the baby. 

Your baby will understand your tone of voice and find it comforting when you soothe them. However, their main form of communication is still crying. 

Best toys for this age?

Some toys recommended for babies this age are:

  • Tummy mirrors
  • Color cards
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Colorful pillows

How much will your baby sleep?

Your three month will still need about 14-17 hours of sleep everyday. However, their sleep schedules have become more in alignment with the day and night time. They might fall asleep for 6-7 hours in a single stretch.  

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