Child Development, Year 2

Childs major development in the second year


August 18, 2022

Now that your child is learning to talk to you, grabbing things and walking around your house, you will be able to watch them grow, make mistakes and teach. Children have a strong grasp on whatever is going on in their environment and they will be learning a lot from you. So, you will have to make sure that you are in your best behavior around them. 

Childhood is the best years to form good habits, to teach your children care, show them attention and affection. Although your baby might not be able to hold up a conversation with you, they will be listening to whatever you say. As a parent it is your responsibility to make them feel secure, supported and cared for as they explore the world around them. 


Well it is exciting once you hear the first word out of your baby but it will take them some time to get a good grasp of the language. By the end of the second year, expect about 20 simple words to be used appropriately. But that doesn’t mean that your baby doesn’t understand what you say. You might be able to give them simple instructions like “sit down” or “come here” and expect them to do as you say.  

Self control

In no time you will realize that your baby will need independence and demand for their own right to choose. This is a learning process in their self control journey. You might hear them say “NO!” when you ask for a certain task to be done. It is totally okay for babies to start throwing tantrums. You as a parent will have to give the baby some space when they do so and realize that their emotions, however tiny they might be physically, are valid.


Along with the need for control, babies also have the need for confidence. When they feel accomplished and able to complete a certain task, they start to feel stronger and their self esteem grows. As a parent, it is your responsibility to communicate to them when they make progress even though it’s a tiny one. The way that they feel early in their life impacts their entire view about themselves later on when they grow up. So, start making them feel loved and cared for whether they lose or fail and appreciate their effort for trying out something.

Social and Emotional 

By the 24th month mark, your baby will have matured drastically in the emotional and social abilities. You play a huge role in their ability to communicate emotions and express them. When you make your baby feel safe and secure, they will be able to socialize better in the presence of strangers and children. 

A two year old might not want to play with a friend of theirs but wouldn’t mind having a company in the same room and even sharing some of their toys once in a while. 

Motor skills

Is it getting too difficult to take your baby around? Expect it to get even more difficult every month as your baby gains more strength and ability to walk, run and even climb. Now that your baby has learnt how to stand on their own and walk, you will not catch a break making sure that they don’t hit something or fall. \

Your baby will also start to hold and grasp utensils. When you are having food, give them their own cups and spoon. They might also learn to hold a crayon or a marker with your instructions. Encourage them to do chores with you and help you out with tiny and simple tasks. They love being able to help you. 


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