Do You Often Get Triggered By Your Child’s Behavior?


June 14, 2023

From 0-7 years of our lives we don’t usually have long term memory. Instead, our memories end up getting stored in our limbic systems. These implicit memories, keep resurfacing throughout our adult lives in the form of triggers. That is why it is so important to be mindful of how and what children are experiencing through these first few years.

A lot of times we have triggers, sometimes when our children throw a tantrum, or when they hit us or they hit someone else ..or when they are not eating their food. Something within us just triggers and we go into this amygdala hijack mode, which is the fight /flight mode.

These patterns from our childhood keep resurfacing, and affecting the way we react or respond to the world around us, specially our children. Something to do with what triggered our parents and the way they reacted or responded to us, and that goes back to what triggered their parents and so on. It’s a vicious cycle.

What we need to do today is break these negative patterns and reactions that surface from our limbic systems. We need to learn to respond consciously instead. This will not only help us raise amazing kids but also help break this cycle and pattern of behaviors for our children and not just our children but their children. We have a chance to break these negative patterns that flows onto generations.

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