Child Development, Year 3

Games and activities for your three year old


August 18, 2022

Having a three year old can make any home very fun and eventful. They are always learning new things and eager to learn more from you. You might be wondering what you can do to promote their youthful energy and help them grow through meaningful games and activities. Here are some ideas that might be helpful in engaging your three year old:

  • Pretend plays ranging from dressing ups to performing surgery on a dummy with plastic scalpels could result in developing your child’s imagination. This is one activity where you have numerous options. No matter which role you and your child decide to play, this will foster creativity and curiosity in your toddler. 
  • A classic dance party can be fun and physically healthy for your toddler. They have a lot of energy and one way you can help them spend it is by having a dance party.
  • Find easy small projects where you can build things with your toddler. Being able to build anything will give them confidence and also boost creativity. 
  • Give them time to paint, color or sketch. This will help improve their motor skills or using the pens and brushes as well as their ability to recognize colors and boost creativity in art. 
  • When babies can help you with simple house chores, it makes them feel independent and their self-esteem rises. It is also one way to inculcate healthy life habits into your child from a very young age. Try to get their help when you are cleaning by asking them to bring you something or helping you with carrying something. 
  • If you don’t want to go outside for a day, just stay in the comfort of your living room, use up some cushions and blankets and build forts. Just the idea of getting to live in a tiny room would be whimsical to your child. This will soar their imagination.
  • Either you could read them a story or ask them to finish it with you. You could ask them to imagine an alternative ending for a story. You could do the same with their favorite cartoon or series. 
  • Children also love to play in the kitchen. Take their help to make easy food items like sandwiches and give them tasks that are easy. They could cut the bread onto circles with the help of bowls.
  • The imaginatory ability of babies is at a height at this age. So, guessing games whether it involves guessing animals, colors or body parts, should be fun. 
  • Puzzles are always engaging and interesting to little kids. 
  • Obstacle courses could create a sense of excitement and also give them some physical workout. Make sure to make a safe course in your own backyard. 
  • Design simple scavenger hunts that your baby can easily track down but also gives them the thrill. You could ask them to find something in the color pink or red.

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