Relax! Now the risk of pregnancy loss has dipped.

Overview of that week

Congratulations on entering the second trimester! You made it through your first trimester when the symptoms of pregnancy are the harshest. Starting now the symptoms are expected to ease causing you to get your energy back. 

It is estimated that about 80% of pregnancy losses happen during the first trimester. It might come as a relief that the chance of this happening is drastically reduced as you enter the second trimester.

Baby development

By the 13th week, most of your baby’s vital organs are formed and are developing. The baby’s head is about one third the size of its body. Your energy is getting back starting this week. Your baby is also starting to grow muscles and stretching a smile along with you by now. 

The voice that would call out “Mommy” someday is slowly becoming more real with the formation of the vocal cords. Your baby also has already developed eyes but they will remain shut until the 27th week.

Body changes and symptoms in mother

Right now your belly should start to become slightly noticeable from the outside. However, as the symptoms reside you might be able to plan outings and even an announcement party for your friends and family if you haven’t informed them yet. 

Breast Changes:

Way before your baby arrives in your lap, your breasts start to produce colostrum needed for breastmilk. It is the first thing that your baby ever consumes and is higher in nutrients needed for your baby to grow in the first few days after being born. Some women start producing it later in pregnancy while some women report leaking breasts as early as second trimester.

Higher energy levels:

The problems of morning sickness and nausea are going to reduce once you enter the second trimester in pregnancy. Your body will have a high amount of blood and nutrients. Your hormones will start to normalize once you reach this point in pregnancy. As a result of that you might experience a boost in energy levels and capacity to perform your normal activities.


During pregnancy, your body produces a higher amount of blood than normal making blood veins all over your body more prominent and visible. It is actually a sign that your body is working well. But sometimes it might also cause swelling and pain.


The extra burden and weight of a growing uterus can cause a strain on your back. Similarly, your body retains more water in the body when you are pregnant. These will not only cause swelling on your knees but also your feet and ankles. This will be more prominent on women who have to stand on their feet a lot during the day. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Try to take rests and avoid staying in the same position for an extended period of time, exercise and drink plenty of fluid to avoid water retention. 
  • Avoid tight clothing and wear loose comfortable clothes and shoes to avoid straining.
  • Use a nursing bra for a comfortable breasts. Insert a nursing pad whenever you start leaking breast milk or colostrum.
  • Keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Take required calcium intake to support the development of your baby’s bones. 
  • Eat healthy food to avoid stomach distress.
  • Maintain a workout schedule. 
  • What Happens Next Week

When to see your doctor

Most of your visits during the pregnancy are already pre scheduled and planned. After your pregnancy is confirmed, you will ...
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