Your baby starts to take much space in your belly causing digestion problems.

Overview of that week

You’re entering your seventh month of pregnancy and waking up more pregnant everyday has almost become your new normal. However, some mornings you might wake up more tired than usual because you couldn’t sleep through the night. 

Your pregnancy symptoms are getting stronger and you are getting heavier each week. This might be putting extra burden on you and might disturb your sleep. Nonetheless, it might be all bearable and worth it when you feel your baby kick through your belly.

Baby development

Your baby has gotten stronger and is only getting stronger every week. Since last week, your baby has gained more than 100 grams in weight. Now your baby is 13 inches long and more than 600 grams. 

The lungs of the baby are developing to support it outside the womb. Your baby also is starting to take some practice breathing classes. It is possible that the baby is breathing in amniotic fluid. Don’t worry your baby won’t drown, it is totally okay and what it is supposed to be doing during this week. 

Body changes and symptoms in mother

Breasts Changes

Your breasts continue to grow into the pregnancy. You might notice that it might even leak at times which is colostrum, the first milk that your baby has when you deliver them. Your breast is preparing to make food for your baby when they arrive. This might cause them to swell, get bigger and tender. Your nipples will also get darker and the areolas will also get larger. You might also get stretch marks on your breast area.

Increased digestive distress

You will suffer from increased heartburn and indigestion. Your increasing belly is lovely to look at and feel but it causes pressure on your digestive system and causes distress.


Your skin changes drastically throughout the pregnancy. For some women it gets drier and for some they start to produce more oil. But many women report one skin condition which happens only during pregnancy. Melasma or even known as the pregnancy mask is when the area around your nose and the cheeks get slightly discolored and pigmented. It is important that you take extra care of your skin by using SPF and staying out of the sun. 


All the do’s and don’t do that you are expected to keep track of during pregnancy is a huge list. It can be really bothersome when you realize that you are starting to forget your day to day activities. Don’t worry, it is understandable and common. Try to stay on top of this by using an organizer calendar or a notepad to keep a track of your activities. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Your focus should be on getting proper hydration and avoiding your body from suffering during this time. Get your fluid intake from soups, juices and water. 
  • It is the right time to start having a birth plan. Involve your partner while forming one. Visit your doctor and take their recommendation on how you want your baby delivered. 
  • Do kegels regularly to strengthen your pelvic muscles.
  • It is important to keep your relationship active with your partner. Remember that it is totally safe to have sex during pregnancy.
  • What Happens Next Week

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