Your baby is anywhere from 2.5 to 4 kgs!

Overview of that week

Your belly is maxed out right now and you might feel like there is no room for anything anymore! However, your baby will still keep on growing and adding more weight up until the point of delivery. 

These few days are extremely valuable and memorable to any mother. Once your baby is delivered, you can’t pray to get back the pregnant body again. You might want to cherish the last few days with your baby in the womb.

Baby development

On average healthy baby weight ranges from 2.5 to 4 kilograms at the time of delivery. By week 36, the baby is almost completely grown to weigh around 2.6 kilograms. The skull of your baby remains soft unlike other bones in the body which have hardened in the past weeks. 

If your baby doesn’t start lightening i.e. moving towards your pelvis for the delivery, you might be suggested a cesarean delivery or a C-section. Try to get a plan ready before you head towards the hospital for delivery.

Body changes in mother

Frequent Urination

Even when you consume a comparable amount of fluids to a non-pregnant individual, Do you feel like you need to use the restroom constantly? You will urinate more frequently while pregnant. This is a first-trimester symptom that continues in the third trimester. This is due to the expanding uterus’ increased strain on the bladder. 

Stretch marks

Your body is continually growing to support the growth of your baby. These rapid changes on your body might be harsh on your skin and cause some stretch marks to appear. You cannot avoid them or cure them. However, you can cure the symptoms such as itchiness and soreness around the stretched area of skin.


Are you having pain on your rectum? It can be extremely common during the third trimester pregnancy. These are caused by ruptured veins inside your anus which might cause pain, bleeding and itching sensation. Contact your doctor if it starts to get serious and if you see any bleeding. If you are suffering from constipation as well the pain might worsen and you might have swelling in the region. 

Signs of early labor

It is possible that at 36th week you might go into labor. Even though the probability of this happening is really low, watch out for any signs of early labor such as:

  • Frequent contractions which are getting stronger each time. 
  • Your water is breaking.
  • Lower back pain accompanied by diarrhea.
  • Dilated cervix.
  • Your baby starts to drop down towards the pelvis. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Measure your contractions and if they are regular, you might be going into labor. 
  • Contact your doctor or the hospital if you have any symptoms of labor.
  • Use moisturizing lotions and oils to help soothe your irritated and itchy skin around the stretch marks. 
  • Prevent constipation to avoid hemorrhoids being caused or impacted by it. 
  • Make sure to get about 30 minutes worth of light exercise to keep your body active and healthy. 
  • Drink plenty of water to help with constipation, lightheadedness and heat.
  • Talk to your baby and spend some time alone.
  •  You can even capture some of the last moments of your pregnancy in pictures or write a letter or two to your baby.
  • What Happens Next Week

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