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Soothing a baby colic


August 17, 2022

Right when you start getting used to having a baby at home and have a routine built to manage your day, your baby might start crying more than usual. If you have tried feeding, burping, rocking them, or changing their diaper and they still cry for no reason, it might be that they are suffering from Colic. 

Although Colic sounds like a more serious issue, the only symptom identified is constant crying. Experts haven’t been able to link colic with any other kind of distress. Hence, they also have not been able to find a solution for colic. 

Colics generally start about when your baby is 3 weeks old. The non-stop crying spell would last for about three hours or even more for at least three days of the week. Colic can last for up to the fourth month of the baby. This can be very frustrating for parents to take care of. Hence, here are some things that you may try:

  • Babies love it when you wrap them inside a tight blanket and swaddle them. 
  • If your baby is getting disturbed by little noises and sounds, try keeping your television on as white noise. You could also invest in a white noise machine that could help your baby get sleepy. You could also turn on a playlist of rain for a more economical option.
  • Another thing that could soothe a baby is when they are rocked in a swinging motion. You can stay in a swing or you could just hold the baby and walk around rocking them. You could even add a lullaby to calm them down.
  • If your baby is particularly fretful, using a pacifier can help you to shift their focus from whining to sucking. This can even calm them and make them fall asleep.
  • If your baby just doesn’t stop crying, sometimes taking them on a car ride might help to bring them at ease. There isn’t much science and research to back this up but parents have some success from this when no other option works out. 
  • A growing baby has aches in joints and muscles all the time. When your baby has colic, you don’t necessarily know the reason for the colic. Giving them a massage might be one way to help them to relax if they are suffering from any kind of pain. You might help them get rid of any tension in their muscles and make it easier for them to fall asleep. 
  • If they are willing to, give your baby a warm bath if they are liking it. This can also help them relax. 
  • You can also try to sing your baby lullabies. 
  • If nothing else works, sometimes you might have to talk to your doctor and get a recommendation for anti-colic drops or probiotic supplements.


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