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9 tips for common cold treatment and remedies for children


August 18, 2022

Once your baby contracts the cold, it could last for about two weeks. The baby needs proper attention and care to cure the viral infection. There isn’t any antibiotic that would help clear it out but you can try some simple remedies to help your child during a common cold. 

  1. Give your baby plenty of fluids to drink when they are suffering from a cold as they could also be suffering from fevers. Your child’s body needs to remain hydrated so that it can function properly. The sore throat might also make it uncomfortable for them to drink. But you need to encourage them to drink more liquid.
  2. Clear their nose because small toddlers aren’t capable of doing it on their own. Having a stuffy nose can be incredibly uncomfortable and might make them feel agitated. A stuffed nose could also cause headaches and sinus pains. 
  3. When clearing the nose, use a saline spray or solution to loosen up the mucus so that the dried-up build-up doesn’t cause them pain.  
  4. Use a humidifier in the room so that their nose doesn’t dry up so easily. This will also help them breathe easier. 
  5. It isn’t recommended that you give cough syrup to a child younger than 1 year of age. But if your child has a cough, you can give them honey if they are above one year. 
  6. In case your baby has a fever, you can treat it with a little infant dosage of paracetamol. You can also make use of a cold compress to bring their temperature down. 
  7. You can ease their discomfort by raising their head while sleeping for children above the age of one year.
  8. Prevent chapping and peeling of skin around the nose area by applying vaseline or oil. When wiping their nose, do it very gently and use wet wipes or tissues so as to not irritate the skin around the nose. 
  9. The most important thing that promotes healing during the common cold is getting proper rest and sleep. Make sure to help your child get the sleep that they need to get better. Give them the extra pillows that they might need. Make sure that they are dressed comfortably for the bed.


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