Child Development, Year 2

Five things you can do instead of arguing with your toddler


August 18, 2022

It would probably make much more sense to hold an argument with an adult than to try to convince a toddler that something is better or healthier for them. Before you give up and lose your patience in the argument, here are some things that you could do when your toddler is arguing with you:

  • Give them options to choose between two or more things when they are making a fuss. For example, if they don’t want to eat a certain vegetable that is healthy, you could present them with two options that are both healthy. You as an adult might be smart enough to see through the tactic. But any toddler’s mindset will be to get the most that they can. Giving them the option to decide by themselves allows them to feel like they have power and control over the situation. 
  • Give yourself some space when things get heated between you and your toddler. It is extremely unhealthy to get agitated and lash out during a disagreement. So, the best thing is to remove yourself from the situation. Maybe when you have had some time to think, you will realize that the argument isn’t worth it. 
  • While removing yourself also helps to stop a situation from escalating, when you take a step back and think, you might realize the situation. 
  • Even with babies, it is best if you can smartly do things that they will not suspect at all in order to completely avoid the argument. For example, you can sneak in the vegetables in snacks and meals by making them interesting and fun. The children-friendly brownies, muffins, and pancakes with vegetables will make your child drool and want to eat them over and over again. The best way to argue with a child is to not argue at all. 
  • Not giving attention to your child’s need to argue is very important at times. Sometimes ignoring them is the best thing to do. But you need to know when to do this as leaving them unattended can make them anxious.  


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