Baby bumps


May 22, 2022

As soon as you realize that you are pregnant, you will be excited to see your belly grow. You might start touching your belly eager to feel your baby take space inside you.  

When does the baby bump start showing?

Although your first instinct as soon as you get the news might be to feel your belly, it probably won’t be noticeable until the end of the first trimester. Your baby bump starts to show towards the beginning of the second trimester. 

At around 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, your uterus grows to the size where it is noticeable from outside. Then your belly rapidly grows and your clothes might start to fit differently. Along with your baby, you will also start to gain some weight.

Know your baby bump

What is normal in a baby bump?

  • Baby bumps will be accompanied by stretch marks on the stomach as the belly expands in size. You can use moisturizers to reduce itchiness caused by this rapid growth.
  • You will feel your baby move inside you at around the 4 to 5 months mark.
  • Your belly button will protrude because of the push from the growing uterus.
  • Your baby bump might become more prominent earlier in pregnancy if it is your second or third pregnancy as the muscles around your abdomen are weaker. 

How to care for your baby bump

  • At about the 20 weeks mark, your baby will start to hear you. While it might be completely instinctive to most of the mothers out there, you should bond with your baby bump and speak to your baby. 
  • Baby bumps can put a strain on your legs, back and pelvic muscles. So, feel free to develop workout routines to stretch out once in a while. You can also use cushions, pillows and straps to provide your back with support. 
  • Use moisturizer to reduce the itching skin on the baby bump.


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