Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 12


November 9, 2022

Congratulations on hitting the one-year mark! By the twelfth month, many babies will have learned their first words like “Hi” or “Bye”. With your help, they might even start to take a few steps. A year back, they were kicking from inside your belly but now they will be able to kick at actual things.

Babies have separation anxiety when you leave them alone with people they don’t know. But this should slowly ease over time. Keep on engaging them by reading books, playing with them, talking to them, and helping them walk. By the end of this month, your baby will already have a brain as big as 60% of yours, an adult.

How much has your baby grown in the twelfth month?

Your baby will continue to add only about 300 to 500 grams in weight. It might be possible that your baby has approximately tripled its birth weight by now. Keep in mind that your child will not grow at the same rate as compared to other children of the age group. 

In the first-year doctor’s appointment, your child’s growth measurements will be taken. The doctor will compare the growth with the previous chart and make sure that your child is growing steadily. In case of any concern, your doctor will take tests and communicate with you.

Your baby’s gross motor skills
You can leave it to your one-year-old to hold their own sippy cups and drink from it. They can use spoons although there will be spills when you let them use them by themselves. 

Give them toys that rattle and make sounds. They will try to engage in playing with them which will help to improve their hand dexterity. 

How will your baby communicate?

Your child will start to voluntarily say goodbye when you are leaving and wave their hand goodbye. Help your toddler use simple greetings like hi, goodbye, or hello. 

If you ask them to complete a simple task, they will be able to understand and follow it by the first year. 

When you are talking to them, use simple words. Babies, at this age, will try to listen to words that sound interesting and copy them. They will repeat your words even though they might not yet know their meaning. 

What should you feed your baby?

Now by the end of their first year, babies should’ve developed an interest in more solid foods. They might be eating on their own and chew much better. 

Continue your breastfeeding journey for how long you have decided to with your child. Make sure that you take the decision to stop whenever you feel comfortable and not feel pressured to do it earlier. 

Social and emotional skills at this age?

Separation anxiety is very common at this age. This is when the baby feels anxious, starts showing clingy behavior and they cry when their parent leaves them under someone else’s care. 

Best toys and activities for this age?

 Some toys and activities recommended for one-year-old babies are:

  • Teething ring
  • Puzzles
  • Play and sing rhymes in front of them
  • Hide things and make your toddler find it
  • Read them colorful books

How much will your baby sleep?

Reading before bedtime is one of the best practices to include in your nighttime routine with your baby. Reading will encourage your baby to develop language. It will also prepare your baby to get ready for bed and relax their mind. 

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