Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 17


November 15, 2022

How much has your baby grown this month?

You might realize that even though your toddler particularly isn’t mischievous they love to try doing things on their own. This might not always result in the best possible outcome but this is a part of learning and growing up. 

Just like the previous month, your little one might have gained about a couple of hundred grams in weight. Their height could also have increased by about half or one-third of an inch. The actual growth measurement can be done in your next month’s appointment with the pediatrician. 

Your baby’s gross motor skills

One little developmental milestone that you might not like that your baby has reached is their ability to open their diapers on their own. You might enter the room and see that they have created a mess doing that. It might take them a few months before they grow out of that.

Your toddler can now run and jump around alongside you. They have a lot of energy. So, the best thing to do is to take them to a park where they can play, jump, and run without having to worry about any furniture or falling down. 

They are also getting their baby teeth and until they get all of them by the age of 3, they might get irritated and annoying time and again when their gums itch.

How will your baby communicate?

Of course, crying is still the main way a toddler communicates their needs to you. But they have added about 7 to 10 words in their vocabulary that they might use to get your attention. 

They will understand most of what you say in simple words but you cannot expect them to reply to you in clarity. They will also start to use verbs to describe what they are doing. They will engage in a ton of non-verbal communication.

What is your baby eating?

Your baby should be eating about 3 meals a day with 2 to 3 snacks in between. The portion that your toddler eats should be about 1/4th the size of a normal adult meal. Remember that your child also needs to drink water alongside the meals otherwise, it might cause dehydration.

You might realize that in the past few months, your baby’s appetite has gone up. Because of the constant physical exercise, your baby will eat more than usual.

Social and emotional milestone

Toddlers are developing their ability to imagine and their creativity is also growing at this age. They might be able to play alongside someone their own age by now. 

They are learning how other people might feel due to a certain action or incident. You can help them by explaining how a situation or incident is making you feel. Or when they feel angry or sad, you can help them identify their own emotion. This way they will learn to be more empathetic. 

Best activities and toys for this age?

  • Riding toys
  • Colorful balls to pass around
  • Make them do chores alongside you
  • Go on walks
  • Read books with them
  • Color books 
  • Sorting toys

How much will your baby sleep?

Your baby should get the same expected amount of rest i.e 14 hours of sleep in total throughout the night and day naps.

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