Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 18


November 15, 2022

How much has your baby grown this month?

On average, an 18-month-old child is 11 kilograms. Your child doesn’t need to be this exact weight. Every child has their own growth rate and curve. 

They might have gained about one-third of an inch in height in the last month as well. The average height of babies this age is about 32 inches. 

Your baby’s gross motor skills

It is that age where you can comfortably hold your camera behind the little one as they stroll around your garden or the sidewalk without you holding their hands. They feel as if they are in control and it gives them a sense of independence. 

If you train them properly, they will also be able to open their own clothes. Although at times this might not result in the best of the consequence if they start opening their diapers on their own. 

It might be a relief to know that it is finally time at 18 months to start training your child to use a toilet or a potty. Try to give them some time to adjust and learn. 

How will your baby communicate?

Do you find it cute when your little one shakes their head ‘NO!” when they don’t want or like something? Even though you might be trying to make them eat a green vegetable, when they are able to express their emotions like that, you might not help but feel proud. 

When you are in the kitchen or spending time with them playing, they might ask you to get something by pointing toward that object. They can show you the direction that they want to go towards by pointing as well.

Social and emotional skills at this age?

Are you worried that your child is constantly anxious or scared around strangers or in a new environment? This is an age when toddlers will show separation anxiety. It is normal for them to feel out of place and not act like themselves when they are in a new environment.

But when they are around your family or your close friends they will get comfortable around time and openly show affection and emotion. They can, however, show temper tantrums from time to time. You need to be patient and understand that even this is a process of development and this will get better with time. 

Best activities and toys for this age?

  • Toddlers love to play Peek-a-boo
  • Puzzles and building blocks
  • Colorful balls to pass around
  • Make them do chores alongside you
  • Go on walks
  • Read books with them
  • Color books 

How much will your baby sleep?

Your baby needs to rest for 14 hours in total every day after all that hard work and learning that they do. They will get one or two naps during the day and sleep about 11 hours through the night.

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