Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 21


November 23, 2022

How much has your baby grown this month?

You will be surprised every day to see how many little tricks your little toddler has learned. Their brains are developing very fast and they will learn very easily. 

The physical growth is a bit slower in the second year. On average, your child should weigh about 11.5 kilograms this month. Their height should be about 33 inches tall.  

Your baby’s gross motor skills

If you take your little one to the park, you will be able to see them enjoy it much better by now. They will be able to run around. Some might like to play soccer or throw a ball. 

Take them to the park to burn off their extra energy. This will help them to get the exercise they need and also fall asleep better during the night. 

How will your baby communicate?

Has the constant questioning arrived already? Children will start to use ‘Wh,’ questions around this age. They will try to ask you about everything and how they work. 

If you want to give your child some directions, make them simple and break them into two steps. If you are cooking with your child in the kitchen and you want to engage them in the chore, you can ask them to “Get the bowl from the counter and pass it to you.” 

What is your baby eating?

21-month-old babies should be eating healthy food items from all the food groups. Their food should be nutritious and healthy. They should have milk as well as rice, cereals, legumes, meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. 

Make sure to cut up raw vegetables into small pieces so that you avoid choking hazards. Don’t forget to give your child water as well as it is very important to keep them hydrated as soon as they start eating solids. 

Social and emotional skills at this age?

Is your child a little hesitant to share their toys and belongings with other people or children? As they start to understand the sense of belongingness, they will be possessive about their things and hesitate to share them with others. 

 With your help, they might also be able to identify their emotions. They might correctly identify when they are feeling angry or sad or happy. 

Best activities and toys for this age?

  • Toddlers love to play hide and seek. Make sure that you are playing in a safe environment.
  • Engage in pretend plays. 
  • Puzzles and building blocks
  • Colorful balls to pass around
  • Make them do chores alongside you
  • Go on walks
  • Read books with them
  • Color books 

How much will your baby sleep?

They are still sleeping 14 hours a night but sometimes they might wake up in the middle of the night for various reasons. You have to be careful of your toddler trying to escape from the crib during the night. 

If your child is constantly playing around and active during the day, it would be easier for them to fall asleep during the night. Also, make sure to turn off the screen and not give them any screen time about an hour before their bedtime. 

Reading is another simple way to let your child know that it is about to go to bed. It will be a nice way to transition from their daily energetic activities to falling asleep.

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