Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 20


November 21, 2022

How much has your baby grown this month?

Your 20-month-old will not be hesitant to say ‘No’ when you try to make them do things a certain way. As your baby grows, you will start to see their personality develop and show as well. Each baby will have its own way of talking, speaking, and doing things. They are very fun to be around during this age. 

About 11.2 kilograms is the standard average weight for toddlers this age. This might be slightly lower for a girl child. The height of your child will grow by about 0.3 inches in the second year. 

Your baby’s gross motor skills

Did your child just pull a small trick of standing on one leg? The thing is they have the control by this month to be able to hold their one leg up and stand with some kind of support. Your child will love to walk up and down the stairs so make sure to stay on your toes and look after them all the time. 

How will your baby communicate?

Rhymes and songs will help to develop their language skills. So, whenever you are doing things together, try to sing songs with your child and make them try to sing along with you as well. 

Right now your toddler is excited to learn and will have a lot of interest in communicating with you. So, if you belong to a multilingual community, use them in front of your children and see how fast they start to grasp the words and use them. 

What is your baby eating?

Are you tired of watching your baby refuse what you cooked them so lovingly for dinner? Don’t worry about them missing one meal but try to fill them in with snacks when they do. It is okay for children to not like some food. But try to give them options to choose from. 

Try to get more ideas for making the food more colorful and interesting for your child. Children will love food that is cut up in animal shapes or has more color. 

Social and emotional skills at this age?

Temper tantrums might not be new to your child but they might be very prominent again during this age. They will have meltdowns and want to communicate to you a certain dislike but might only be able to cry or scream. Try to be patient when your child acts this way. Understand that they aren’t trying to hurt or harm you when they are doing this. 

When they pull on your hair or bite you, try to talk to them very calmly and let them know that it wasn’t okay. Children don’t know what is right or wrong and will go forward with their impulses. Let them know the effects of their actions so that they will learn to be more empathetic. 

Best activities and toys for this age?

  • Make them do chores alongside you
  • Go on walks
  • Read books with them
  • Color books 
  • Puzzles and building blocks
  • Colorful balls to pass around

How much will your baby sleep?

Your baby will get about 14 hours of rest in total throughout the day. Make sure that you are creating an environment where your child can rest without any kind of disturbance during the night. Try to make the room dark and less noisy. If you think your child is getting nightmares, help them feel safe. 

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