Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 23


November 29, 2022

How much has your baby grown this month?

In just one more month, your baby will have reached 2 years of age. The past two years have probably been both very swift and slow. A growing toddler is a very difficult thing to take care of. 

Even if you might sometimes feel that you are doing enough, the little achievements and milestones that your child reaches would make you feel worth it. 

At 23 months, a toddler will be near an average of about 11.8 kilograms in weight. The girls are generally slightly smaller than the boys. They might also be slightly less tall than boys on average.  

Your baby’s gross motor skills

By now, you will be able to see your toddler sprint, jump, walk on one leg, and walk up and down the stairs without your support. 

Although you might have been trying to play with them in the park with a ball, now they might actually start catching and throwing them at you. 

They can also walk in straight lines on their own now which is why you can leave them to walk alone without holding their hands. They might want to participate in reading books with you by turning around the pages on their own. 

How will your baby communicate?

By now your child can understand most of the things that you try to communicate with them. They will also try to talk to you and maintain a conversation by using the limited range of vocabulary that they have. 

When you ask them about the objects or people that they know about, they will be able to point toward them. If you have continued to teach them the body parts, they will also be able to name them or point at them when you ask. 

Social and emotional skills at this age?

When you took them to the park at the beginning of their second year, they were more reserved and wouldn’t play with other children. But as they start to understand themselves and the environment more, they will start to feel excited when they can play with other children. 

Your child will also copy what they see other people have been doing. They will try to copy the way you perform a certain task. Maybe sometimes they adorably copy the way you stand with your hands on your waist or your pockets. Toddlers are also able to follow two steps and instructions at this age. 

Best activities and toys for this age?

  • Go for walks and talk about what you see around the environment
  • Sorting blocks with shapes and colors
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Finishing sentences in rhymes or videos that they are used to
  • Physical games in the park
  • Reading
  • Coloring or scribbling
  • Putting away things after playing
  • Chores around the house

How much will your baby sleep?

Your child will continue to sleep around 14 hours until the age that they are 2 years old. Sometimes they might wake up in the middle of the night. Try to make sure that their bedroom is dark and noiseless so that their sleep doesn’t get disrupted. They might take one or two naps during the day if they are tired. 

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