Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 26


December 6, 2022

How much has your child grown this month?

Your little child has become the talk of the family now. They make everybody happy when they are around. The goofy one has been growing in the past month and weighs about a couple hundred grams heavier. Make sure that they are eating in time to prevent any weight loss since they are always walking or running around during this age. 

Your child’s gross motor skills

Your baby now can use the potty by themselves and some babies can even be using the toilet in place of the potty. The months of patience and practice will finally pay off and you finally will not have to rely on diapers. 

Take your toddler to the park whenever possible because they will love to run around and play in the open. They can spend their energy while not having to worry about running into furniture. 

How will your baby communicate?

Is your toddler already starting to point out where their eyes are? Spotting objects or body parts is one of the easiest and most fun games to learn for children. You can use a book with pictures or show their face in the mirror. At first, they will just be copying you, but slowly they will understand and learn more. 

Their vocabulary is only increasing every next day. You will be surprised at how much they want to talk to you sometimes. 

What should you feed your child?

Have you given complete freedom to your child over their plate of food? This might mean that they will learn how to use their spoons and forks faster but you will also have to spend a lot longer cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. 

However, it is important to let them explore and learn on their own. You might see that they drop a few spoons here and there but they will learn to hold the spoon better in no time. 

Social and emotional milestones

It will be fun to play games with a 26-month-old child as they can do a lot of funny things. They can find out funny things, converse with you in two-word sentences and also try to joke with you from time to time. 

Best activities and toys for this age?

Try to give your little one some chores to engage them and also make them a bit responsible. Only allow them tasks that they can handle.

When they finish playing, spend time along with your toddler cleaning up the space, this will help to develop a long-term habit of cleaning up afterwards. 

How much will your child sleep?

Toddlers spend a lot of their energy throughout their day playing, talking, running, learning, and just growing. They will require a few more hours of sleep than an adult. They will sleep anywhere between 11 to 14 hours a day. Sometimes they might catch a 1 or 2 hours nap during the day. Even at daycare, most of the babies will get time to sleep and rest because it is important for their bodies.

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