Baby Growth

Baby Growth : Month 6


November 7, 2022

Busy with the chew toys, your baby is at halfway through its first year now! The teething toys are helping them practice chewing solid foods as well. They are growing more interested and smarter everyday. So, get a children’s book filled with colors and pictures to have a great bonding time with your baby.

How much has your baby grown in the six months?

The growth rate of your baby will slow down by six months and they will gain only about 500 grams every month from this point onwards. Your baby might have grown to reach about 7 to 8 kilograms in weight. If your baby’s height is between 25 and 28 inches, they are in the normal range for a six-month-old as well. 

Your baby’s gross motor skills

By now, not only can your baby hold or grab onto objects but they also have a newfound ability to let them go. They might also be able to pass it around in their own hands. 

Most of the babies will start crawling on their bellies a little bit by now. You might notice that your baby is extremely playful during massages and can bring their feet up to their mouth area. 

It is the age when a child starts to figure out toys that need to be opened or closed. So, toys that are a little more engaging could be beneficial to your baby.

How will your baby communicate?

It is still a couple of months before your baby can start to reply to your questions and maintain a conversation with you but they can still copy sounds and mimic what you have said. 

Vowel sounds will be the easiest for a baby to catch and start making them. You can encourage them to make any sound that they find interesting. Try to make games that you and your baby can play that involve them having to make sounds. 

What should you feed your baby?

Six months is considered the right time to start introducing solids into baby diets. Start with a small amount of pureed and mashed food in their diet and watch their response. At this stage, you need to be wary of any food allergies your baby might have.

Social and emotional skills at this age?

Have you realized that they are trying to interact with you in ways other than crying? Your baby will understand that they have to make conversation with you and try to hold your attention. 

Although they cannot talk at the moment, they will try to make sounds or give your non-verbal cues. They will try to play with you and smile or laugh when they are around you. Your baby can also recognize themselves in the mirror by the time they are six months of age. 

Best toys for this age?

 Some toys recommended for babies this age are:

  • Teething ring
  • Colorful books
  • Puzzles
  • Mazes
  • Tummy mirrors

Make sure that all of the toys that you buy during this time are safe and soft. 

How much will your baby sleep?

Your baby will sleep for about 14 months every day. They will sleep through the entire night for about 10 to 12 hours with a 3 to 4 hours nap during the day.

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