Early symptoms/changes during the first trimester


May 12, 2022

The body changes largely in the first trimester as it prepares for the rest of the pregnancy. As a result, women experience these changes as early symptoms. Not all women will experience all these symptoms. 

Some of the early symptoms of pregnancy aren’t that exciting to look forward to. You might need to brace yourself for some temporary discomfort. However they don’t last a long time and are just preparing your body for the upcoming nine months. Watch out for these changes:

  • There might be light spotting and mild cramping in the very beginning of your pregnancy. This happens when the embryo is implanted on the uterus wall. 
  • You might notice that your breasts are swollen and tender. It is helpful if you wear a supportive and comfortable cotton bra.
  • Along with the soreness, you might also notice that the veins on the surface of your breasts become more visible. Additionally, your areolas also may become dark and enlarged with small bumps which are called Montgomery’s tubercles.
  • Get ready for frequent visits to the washroom as your uterus grows and starts to push against your bladder. 
  • Similar to PMS or premenstrual syndrome, an increase in hormone levels might also cause you to feel irritable, moody or tired. You might experience some irrational mood swings as well as anxiety. It is important to discuss these emotions with your partner, friends or doctor if needed.
  • Not only that but a sudden surge in your hormones may cause you to feel nauseated and lead to vomiting. This is widely known as morning sickness despite the fact that it might occur at any time of the day.
  • Many women have food cravings during pregnancy which starts during the first trimester. Although most report craving for food that they previously did not like.
  • Your digestive system might be interrupted because of the growing pressure on the rectum and intestines. As a result, you might feel constipated.
  • With an increased production of progesterone, it loosens the muscles in your esophagus. This can cause you to suffer from indigestion and heartburn. 


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