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How to take care of newborns in summer?

Caring for babies in summer is much more important than any other season. Take these super important, super useful tips for a healthy, happy summer with your newborn.
Baby skin is really sensitive to the sun’s rays so make sure your babies are fully covered when you come out in the sun. You can apply sunscreens but they should be below SPF 15. We Nepalese are used to piling clothes on babies, which must be strongly discouraged. Always try to make them wear pure cotton clothes even though parents want their child look fancy. As newborns are strictly not supposed to give water before six months feed them frequently. The mother should drink enough water and keep herself hydrated to meet the demand. Give them a bath at least once a day.
Always watch out for the heat rashes (tiny red spots) which occur in moist areas like on the neck, chin, back of the knees, elbow creases and nappy area. There is no harm to use oil massage in summer but make sure you use talcum powder after the massage. While using talcum powder, the most important is you have to take precautions so that baby doesn’t inhale as it can cause breathing problems.
Overheating may lead to dehydration. Watch out for signs like excessive sweating, heat rash, flush cheek, damp hair, and rapid breathing. If you find these symptoms, please consult your pediatrician as soon as possible.


About Dr. Niva Rajbhandari Shrestha

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics) Senior Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Niva Rajbhandari Shrestha is a known figure in the field of pediatrics. She has got vast experience in NICU, PICU and General Pediatrics as well. Thousands of children have benefited with her expertise.

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