Monitor baby movements


May 22, 2022

Feeling your baby move and kick is one of the most reassuring things for a mom to be. These movements will vary and change throughout the pregnancy period. It is important to know what a normal movement is and what might be a thought for concern.

What point in the pregnancy do you start to feel your baby move?

About half way through your pregnancy you will first start feeling the butterflies inside the stomach. Around 20 to 22 weeks is the normal time to start recognizing your baby movements. In some cases it might take longer due to the position of the placenta blocking the uterus that softens your baby’s movements.

If you are wondering when you can feel your baby kick from the outside of your belly, it will probably be towards the end of second trimester or even the third trimester in some cases.

What does baby movement feel like?

Baby movements will start with feeling like a fish swimming inside a pond or it might also come in waves, twitches, or pangs or kicks. From that, your baby will start to make stronger movements like stretches, punches, kicks and turns.

When to start monitoring babies movements?

By 28 weeks your baby will reach a size which makes it possible for you to monitor its movements. In order to monitor the baby movements you can follow the following steps:

  • Empty your bladder and sit or lie down comfortably with your hands outside your belly.
  • Count every movement by baby for the next two hours. You need to aim for about 10 to 12 movements in the period of upto 1 hour.
  • Babies can sleep upto 90 minutes at a stretch so free up the next 2 hours for the baby. 
  • If you don’t feel at least 10 movements even in the next 2 hours, you should contact your doctor or midwife and recommend a non-stress test.
  • You can perform these counts twice a day. Once you are closer to your due date, you need to set aside more time for the counting.

When to be concerned?

But like everything else, during pregnancy too much or too little baby movements could make you worried. If you notice that your baby movements are slowed down or feel different, you can schedule a check up. You should also be concerned if you feel that baby is not moving at all. It can be a sign of emergency.


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