Your baby's vital organs are taking shape.

Overview of that week

You are probably trying it harder each week to fit into your regular clothes. You’re only going to get bigger each week. It might be time to go out shopping and stock up on some maternity wear. 

At 10 weeks, you are in the third month of pregnancy. By now the fetus no longer looks like a tadpole. With every week’s development, the fetus starts to resemble a human baby.

Baby development

This week, the baby measures a little over an inch in length. The placenta has developed enough to formally take over and starts to function. It will connect you and the baby through the umbilical cord providing all the vital nutrition for the baby’s growth and development.

Your baby’s bones are taking shape slowly and getting stronger and harder. The teeth that bud last week, also start to harden this week and connect to your baby’s jaw. One very interesting development this week is the temporary tail on the fetus will slowly dissolve to disappear. 

Body changes in mother

Your body is changing every moment to support the baby’s growth. So, you might notice these changes in your tenth week of pregnancy:

Visible veins:

Blood supply is increased in your body to support the growing uterus and the fetus within. The increased blood supply might result in visible blood vessels on your body. The increased blood supply can even start to give you a shiny skin causing you to have a pregnancy glow. 

Excessive Saliva:

Maybe it is all the hormones acting up but for some reason you seem to be having excess saliva. It is totally normal to experience this during pregnancy. You can help it by drinking more water or sucking a sour candy during the day. At times, nausea can also cause you to have more than normal saliva in your mouth because you are not swallowing your spit. 


Your digestion is slowed down during your pregnancy due to a hike in progesterone. This can cause more gas to build causing your lower belly to bloat. It might be even more uncomfortable if it is accompanied by constipation. 


Don’t freak out if you notice more vaginal discharge when you are pregnant. You can make use of panty liners if you want to keep your vaginal area dry. Keep in mind that the discharges should be thin and milky white in consistency. Contact your doctor if you feel any kind of pain or burning sensation it can be a sign of infection. Also, make sure that there is no bleeding.

What should you do and don’t

  • It is recommended that you get the flu shot to get protection.
  • Consult with your doctor about NIPT screening which can be done starting 10 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Use cold compress on your breasts to reduce swelling and soreness.
  • Engage in 150 minutes of mild workout a week but avoid straining your body.
  • Stay away from harmful chemicals and pesticides that you may inhale. 
  • It is never too soon to start talking to and bond with your baby.
  • What Happens Next Week

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