Your baby starts to gain fat!

Overview of that week

Is that your anxious heart beating really fast or your baby’s heartbeat? It might be confusing listening to a heartbeat because your baby’s heartbeat is still very fast at the moment, about 120 to 10 beats per minute. 

You will also be able to tell  a lot of your baby’s preferences by now. Like at what time your baby likes to nap and for how long. They also might have a favorite sleeping position that they settle into.

Baby development

The tiny fetus weighs about 380 grams at the moment and is about 11 inches long. However, the fetus will gain even more weight and resemble a baby in no time. Your baby’s body organs like the liver, bone marrow and spleen are starting to produce its own red blood cells.

With each more week the baby will start to look smoother due to increased fat content under the skin. They will have working taste buds by the 21st week. So, whatever you eat, they will be able to taste it as well. 

Body changes and symptoms in mother

Don’t compare your growth with other moms. Every pregnancy is different and your changes might come a few weeks sooner or later than other pregnant women. Don’t be sad if you aren’t as big or are bigger than other women. Enjoy your pregnancy and just make sure you are healthy with the help of your doctor.


Have you realized that your headaches have become way more frequent than before the pregnancy? Turns out pregnancy headaches are an actual thing. All the stress that you are carrying at the moment might be the reason to blame for it. At times even the lowering of blood sugar can cause your head to ache. If you aren’t getting enough sleep and not drinking enough fluid or water your headaches might worsen. 

Belly button

By the 21st week, you might start to notice that the skin around your belly button is stretching and changing. This will result in the belly button becoming a bit bulged and looking like an outie. Even if you have had an innie all your life, you will have to get used to this new body shape. It might sometimes create bulges in tight dresses or shirts making it more prominent. But don’t worry too much about it as it is only normal and it will return back to normal after your delivery. 

You might feel jerky movements in your baby caused due to hiccups or stretching. Don’t stay standing for too long as you may suffer from swollen feet.

What should you do and don’t

  • Get a proper and recommended amount of sleep to avoid getting tired and helping other symptoms of pregnancy to get better.
  • Your posture will change but it will also affect your back and cause you to get headaches. So, make sure that you are not maintaining a wrong posture.
  • Avoid a long screen time as it can affect your sight and cause you to have lesser quality sleep. It can also cause you to feel stressed and cause more migraines. 
  • If you want to have a baby shower, this is the right time to start planning it when you still have some energy left. 
  • Keep engaging with your baby by talking to your belly and playing songs for it.
  • What Happens Next Week

Trips to toilet

Frequent urination is very natural during pregnancy and will begin early in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Normal people ...
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