Congratulations on the midway mark!

Overview of that week

At the halfway mark, you probably have gotten pretty used to being pregnant. The baby is constantly moving around and twisting inside you. Baby’s hearing becomes more developed and can sense any light and sound outside the womb.

Once the doctor does your anomaly scan, they might be able to estimate an even more accurate due date for your baby. If you didn’t get the scan last week too, your scan might be scheduled for this week.

Baby development

When measured, your baby is around the length of 10 inches from head to its toe and weighs about 300 gms. The small fingers and toes are growing nails by now and their entire body is starting to be covered by a white sticky layer called vernix.

Your baby is also used to hearing you by now. At this point, your baby might also respond to your voice or touch. But you should be careful of making loud noises as it can distract your baby from their regular naps.

Body changes and symptoms in mother

Seeing your baby through ultrasound in the previous week probably helped you picture motherhood. In the coming 20 weeks, your body will focus on growing and developing a healthy baby while also preparing you for the delivery.

Increased appetite

Growing a baby is demanding to your body. It will require more fuel than usual. It won’t be shocking news if you start to feel hungrier than usual. You will need more nutrients and it is only natural for your body to demand for more. Your appetite by the 20th week will be increased and you might also experience some strange cravings throughout the pregnancy. 

Blessed with shiny hair and skin

Not all pregnancy symptoms are a pain in the back! The hormonal changes might come as a blessing. Especially to your hair and skin and even your nails sometimes. The estrogen will lengthen the cycle of your hair growth making it stay longer in your head. This will result in thicker hair. Don’t be sad when it starts to become normal after the delivery though! 

Your skin will have a higher amount of blood flow all around them. This will make them appear more glowy and shiny. Some people even call this phenomenon the “pregnancy glow”. 


There is a growing baby in your uterus and it is taking a ton of space inside your stomach. This causes your intestine to be under pressure. As a result, you might suffer from constipation and digestive distress. It is recommended that you consume healthier food and enough water to help process the food more easily. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Take care of your mind and body to ensure a healthy place for your baby’s development.
  • Make sure to use SPF to prevent your skin from getting sunburn as it is extremely sensitive during this time.  
  • Eat small healthy meals throughout the day. Include fruits, vegetables and soups into your diet. 
  • Get massages for any tenderness or soreness you feel on your back or legs. 
  • Use a saline rinse and humidifier for your sinuses. 
  • Continue to keep your body active with workout and yoga. Meditate to keep your mind stress free.
  • Avoid unhealthy and processed food like chocolate, cheese, fried food, and processed meat. 
  • What Happens Next Week

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