You can see your baby now before you give birth!

Overview of that week

If it didn’t happen last week, at the 19th week ultrasound is scheduled by your gynecologist where you can see your baby. You might get to take photographs of your baby and keep them as a memory. 

Not only are you feeling laid back but your baby has also been practicing the art of yawning and mastered it by now. As for hiccups, you might feel them yourself in a couple of weeks.

Baby development

Your baby has grown to weigh almost a quarter of a kilogram. The height of the baby has also grown considerably at about 6 inches. At these measurements, any movement made by your baby becomes more prominent.

During the ultrasound, there will be screenings for vital organs, any abnormalities, development of the placenta, and amount of amniotic fluid. You can even learn the biological sex of the baby if you want.

Body changes and symptoms in mother

Leg cramp

Often due to the change in the blood circulation, you are bound to have at least one moment where a piercing pain in your legs leaves you immobilized for a few seconds to minutes. You probably have heard that pregnant women are more susceptible to leg cramping during the second trimester and this continues till their third trimester. There are some studies showing low calcium in blood might be the reason for recurring leg cramps. So, just to be on the sure side make sure to take calcium intake.

Nasal congestion

At the 19th week, it isn’t uncommon to have a stuffy nose that might even bleed once in a while. Stay alert if your nosebleed starts to get too persistent and if you lose too much blood, you might need to contact your care provider. But it is common to experience some discomfort and a dry nose during this time. 


Are you experiencing some stabbing ache in your lower back? It isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to complain about aching back muscles. There is a baby growing inside your uterus and it puts a lot of pressure on your back causing the muscles to become strained. Your body might not be used to the way that your organs are moving inside your stomach at the moment. 

Shortness of breath

You are carrying a baby and it might cause you to become tired once in a while. If you have to walk more than usual or walk up and down the stairs, you can get tired easily. Even working out might not be as easy as it once used to be. But this is no reason to not continue doing it. Don’t force yourself too hard but get moving after catching your breath to remain active. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Keep the scans from your anomaly ultrasound inside your pregnancy journal as a highlight.
  • Perform stretches and exercises to keep your muscles relaxed to avoid getting cramps and strains.
  • Use a heating pad to get some relief from the back ache and soreness. You can also take warm showers to get some relief.
  • Use a humidifier to keep your nasal passage moisturized.
  • Rinse your nose with saline solution and use vaseline if your nose is too dry or stuffed. 
  • What Happens Next Week

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