Is it butterflies in your stomach or baby movements?

Overview of that week

You might start feeling your baby’s movements for the first time during these weeks. Before you grow used to them or are aware, these movements might feel like butterflies or fish swimming inside your belly.

The initial few weeks of the second trimester might even be slightly painful for you as the womb starts to expand in size. If you are growing rapidly there will be some stretching and marks which might cause itchiness and discomfort. 

Baby development

The little fish is now more than 5 inches long and soon you will be able to feel it swim inside your stomach. Your little one is accumulating some fat under their skin so that they can stay warm when they are outside your body.  

Sweat glands will form on their skin giving them an extra layer of protection. Your doctor will schedule the anomaly scan around this week where you can see your baby for the very first time. During this scan, the doctor will ensure all the necessary developments of your baby.

Body changes and symptoms in mother


One of the common symptoms during the second trimester is the feeling of dizziness. There are a couple of possibilities for this which includes a spike in your blood volume, heart rate, changes in the circulation, and even dehydration. You don’t have control over other causes but you can keep yourself hydrated so that you don’t feel dizzy.

Sleep issues

It might be getting more difficult for you to fall asleep at night. In that case, try to sleep on your sides and use pregnancy pillows.Even though you might be struggling to catch a goodnight’s sleep, your baby is mostly sound asleep. 

Back and posture

Pregnancy isn’t something you are used to being. Especially if this is your first pregnancy, it might take some time to realize that the changes in your stomach will definitely put a lot of pressure on your back. Doing the normal activities that you would before the pregnancy will be painful to your back and legs. Your posture will slowly shift and change to accommodate the change in your belly. Try not staying on your foot for a long time to avoid swelling and pain of your legs and foot. 


You have gotten heavier than before and all the change in your hormonal level might be causing you to feel like you are not in your own body. You might even become forgetful and the dizziness will only add more to you becoming forgetful. Also lowering blood pressure doesn’t help at all. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Eat healthy food to maintain the optimal blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Eating healthy will also help you to maintain a good digestive flow and stop you from getting heartburn or constipation. 
  • Avoid doing activities that put pressure on your back. 
  • Perform exercises and stretches that will help the joints in your back and legs loosen up and reduce any soreness and swelling. 
  • Watch out for a spike or drop in your blood sugar or blood pressure levels. 
  • Try to include foods that are rich in nutrients like iron and calcium.
  • Do Not perform harmful and strenuous workouts that are not recommended during pregnancy. It can be extremely dangerous to continue exercises like cycling, hand stands and jumps.
  • What Happens Next Week

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