The baby can now open its eyelid and look around inside your belly!

Overview of that week

At 28 weeks, your third trimester of pregnancy begins. Your baby is moving around enjoying the view inside your womb and practicing all its punches and throws.

While you might be enjoying the kicks and throws from the outside. Take time to count the number of times your baby is kicking on average. You should measure the movements and talk to your doctor immediately if you feel any inconsistency.

Baby development

The fetus weighs about a kilogram and passes urine into the amniotic fluid. The baby will start to respond to noise and touch more easily. The baby might respond to noises or light by blinking its eyes.

Your baby might recognize and respond to your voice. Make sure not disturb your baby when it’s sleeping, it might be busy dreaming as they can do so now. When they aren’t sleeping it is busy making faces and sticking its tongue out tasting the amniotic fluid around it.

Body changes and symptoms in mother

Urinary Incontinence

The pressure on the uterus is also extremely high. During pregnancy the muscles on your pelvic floor can be weakened due to the pressure as well as the pregnancy hormones. This might cause you to leak urine when you make jerky movements like coughing, sneezing, or exercising. Although it can be embarrassing in the beginning, it happens to a lot of pregnant women. You can take necessary steps to avoid being affected by it.


Your stomach has shifted and is being pressurized by your uterus. This is causing its normal functioning to be impacted. As your baby grows over the weeks, the stomach will be under more pressure. This will result in heartburns and acid refluxes after you have had a meal. The higher amount of progesterone also eases the stomach muscles, making acid reflux a more common occurrence. 


The excess blood in your body and heightened metabolism can make your body hot. This can cause you to sweat excessively and which might drain your energy. Especially during the summer season, stay weary of the temperature affecting your health. 


It is normal to feel breathless after a walk because of the pressure on the lungs. You are carrying a weight on your body and it can be difficult for you to perform the same level of physical movement as anyone else would.


The digestive tracts are directly under pressure because of your uterus. The bowel movements are impacted because of this. Make sure to consume enough water and increase your fiber content to help with your bowel movements. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Pelvic floor exercises might help you to strengthen the muscles and help you. 
  • Keep sipping water to hydrate your body throughout the day. You can also add more soups and juice to your diet to increase fluid intake. 
  • Stay in cool and quiet places when you feel hot and sweaty. Try to not let the temperature of your body rise too much. 
  • Eat healthier food in small amounts throughout the day. 
  • Continue with your supplements and vitamins. 
  • Start taking baby care and breastfeeding class as it will make it easier for you to take care of the baby after delivery. 
  • Use heating pads on your backache and leg cramps. 
  • Use ice packs to help with your swelling.
  • What Happens Next Week

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