Did you make a birth plan yet?

Overview of that week

You have made it to the 30th week of your pregnancy and looking back on it, it has been a roller coaster ride. You still have a few more weeks to go. The delivery of your baby is only a couple of weeks away. 


The excitement of getting to hold your baby for the very first time might be unexplainable. At the same time, you might be nervous and anxious about the delivery. Although it might not be easy, you should try to enjoy these few weeks of your pregnancy.  

Baby development

Your baby has grown by about a hundred grams to weigh almost 1400 grams this week. If your delivery happens after you carry a full-term pregnancy, the baby will be about triple in weight until delivery. 

Since the last couple of weeks, your baby’s brain has been rapidly developing. Now the baby has a heightened sense of sound, light, and touch. You can now hear the baby’s heartbeat if someone keeps their ears against the belly.

Body changes in mother

During the third trimester, some of the symptoms that you dreaded in the first trimester might make a return. The increasing size of your baby will put extra pressure on your stomach and bladder. This will cause frequent urination and heartburn. There are changes in your breasts as well. 


The rapid increase in your baby’s weight has put a ton of pressure on your body. If it hadn’t already begun in the second trimester, your legs and feet might start swelling around now. Majority of pregnant women will suffer from this change. Make sure to take enough rest throughout the day and let your feet rest so that the swelling isn’t severe or painful.

Swollen and Tender Breasts 

Not only are your legs and feet swollen but your breast size has gone up. They are probably painful and grown at the moment. It is common for you to see some stretch marks around your breast as they might be growing rapidly.

Frequent Urination

Feeling like you can’t stop making visits to the washroom? Even though you drink a similar amount of fluid compared to a normal person, during pregnancy, you will have to pee more frequently. This is because there is added pressure on the bladder added by the growing uterus. Due to this, the amount of pee that your bladder can hold is reduced.

Gas and bloating

The muscles in your stomach are relaxed because of an increased amount of pregnancy hormones such as progesterone. Because of this you will have to suffer from various gastrointestinal issues in the weeks of pregnancy. One such issue is gas and indigestion of food due to improper bowel movement. Another issue might be heartburn and acid reflux.

What should you do and don’t

  • With the help of your doctor, you must also plan for your birth. The plan should include how you want to deliver your baby and where and who you want in the delivery room. 
  • Prepare any insurance documents if you need to.
  • Try exercises like swimming, yoga, or walking to keep yourself active.
  • Hydration is important to lessen the effects of your symptoms. 
  • Keep monitoring the kicks and movements made by your baby and report to your doctor incase of any inconsistency.
  • Avoid sugary and fried food to keep your stomach healthy and balanced. 
  • Use ice packs on swollen feet or breasts to reduce the soreness.
  • What Happens Next Week

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