Pack your hospital bags

Overview of that week

Every visit that you pay to your doctor, the first thing that they will do is measure the size of your womb or belly. You might get some gentle presses to feel if your baby is already headed and readying for the delivery. 

Your doctor will constantly monitor and make sure that by the time you are ready to deliver, your baby is positioned the right way. For now, you just sit back, relax and watch your baby grow for the next couple of weeks.

Baby development

Your doctor can only measure the growth from the outside. You probably want to know how much your baby has grown and what changes will happen this week.

The baby will probably hit the mark of 1500 grams around this week. There are other significant changes happening on your baby like shedding its furry womb hair-Lanugo. 

The baby is rapidly gaining brain cells that will make it smarter and make it ready for the outside world. Right now your baby is mostly resting and storing up all the energy that they will need once they come out.

Body changes in mother


Your legs and feet may begin to swell now if it hadn’t already started in the second trimester. The growing uterus might put pressure on some important nerves of your legs and thighs. Your body is under a great deal of strain due to the baby’s weight gain that happened so quickly.


Not only is the strain on your feet causing you swelling but the belly is equally straining your back muscles. Your spine is affected because of the shift in the organ placements inside of your stomach. Your posture has also changed. 

Bleeding gums

The change of hormones has caused your tooth and gums to loosen and become more sensitive. Your gums might bleed when you are brushing or flossing your tooth. It might even appear swollen or red. Contact your doctor when the pain is not as bearable and if you have other dental issues such as persistent bad teeth or loose teeth. It is common to experience mouth sores as well.

Braxton Hicks

You will have some fake contractions, also known as Braxton hicks contraction in the weeks prior to your delivery. Of Course they are nowhere close to the kind of pain you will actually feel during a labor contraction. Nonetheless, you can learn a lot from these contractions. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Using your pregnancy plan for the previous week, pack for your hospital trip. Keep the hospital bag near your door or the trunk of your car. It will be helpful to carry the bag and rush to the hospital as soon as you have the symptoms of labor.
  • Pack comfortably and make sure to have all the necessary supplies not relying on the hospital.
  • Your baby might not be using it actively, but all five senses are fully developed at week 31 of pregnancy. 
  • Use pregnancy pillows to get a comfortable sleep.
  • Read books on pregnancy and delivery so that you learn about baby care.
  • Decide on your support after delivery to care for the baby. 
  • Baby proof your rooms and get the car seat for the baby. 
  • Get proper dental care to prevent issues with your gums and tooth.
  • What Happens Next Week

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