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Overview of that week

Every week you are getting more and more exhausted and tired. Your baby is heavier this week than the previous week and is growing heavier every moment. You also have gained a lot of weight which makes you less mobile than before.

Stock up after delivery supplies before you become even more pregnant and tired. Around the 33rd week might be the best time to get all the necessary stocks and supplies for your baby and you. Although your baby of almost 2 kilogram is hardly letting you catch your breath. 

Baby development

This might be the week that your baby reaches 2 kilograms of weight. All the baby hair has replaced most of the lanugo and the hair has grown back in the right place including the eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair on your baby’s head. 

Your baby is swallowing a lot of amniotic fluid and passing it as pee. This is one way for the baby to kickstart their gastrointestinal function. The baby will have its eyes open when awake and are able to focus on objects closer to them. 

Body changes in mother

Baby movements

You were extremely excited when your baby first kicked, but now since your stomach is very crowded even small movements might be uncomfortable and cause you some pinching aches. Especially now when your baby freely moves the hands and legs, you will feel more movements than you ever did before. 

Weight gain

You will start to gain weight at a rate of approximately 500 grams a week starting now. This rate of weight gain would be concerning to anyone else. But it is a good thing when you start to gain this weight during the last few weeks. Half the weight that you gain towards the last few weeks of your pregnancy goes to your baby. 

Urinary Infection

It might be because of the increase in nutrients like sugar and protein that increases your risk of a Urinary Tract Infection during pregnancy. These are caused by bacteria which might increase inside your bladder if you hold your urine. It might cause you pain when you pee and can also cause cramping. Make sure to inform your doctor about the infection and get the recommendation for antibiotics. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Start using a maternity bra for the comfort and support that will help you cope with the changing body. You can start to use them even before your delivery. They can also provide you leak resistance in case you leak some colostrum.
  • Certain sleeping positions might be more comfortable than the other. Try to speculate and find the one that best suits you. Use pillows to create support for your legs and back. 
  • It is totally alright to continue having sex up until the point that your water breaks unless you have some complications which might cause issues. Your doctor will let you know if you should refrain from sexual activities. 
  • Read pregnancy and postpartum books to prepare yourself to take care of the baby and also yourself after labor.
  • Prepare for labor if your birth plan includes a natural delivery. Get some insight from your doctor and also research about what might reduce the pain.
  • Drink enough water required for your body to avoid getting an UTI.
  • What Happens Next Week

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