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Overview of that week

The amount of amniotic fluid has increased to an average 800 mL by this point. The amniotic fluid is also the highest at the 34th week. Because of this, your stomach will be crowded with all the fluid, placenta and the baby.

Due to the tight space in your belly, your baby’s movement will become stronger this week than ever before. It is necessary that you count those movements twice a day and let your doctor know if the movements have changed. 

Baby development

Your baby is already around 2.2 kilograms in weight. Even the placenta is fully mature now weighing about 500 grams. You will be able to see the feet and hands of your baby at times when it is pressing against your belly. 

Your baby’s body starts to make antibodies, making the immune system stronger to fight germs once it is outside your womb’s protection. Its skin is coated with vernix that protects its skin. You will be able see some of it on your baby’s skin once delivered.

Body changes in mother

Due to the space taken over by the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid, you might be feeling heavy. However, it is important to keep active and exercise mildly to ease these symptoms.


Your posture will be slightly off from usual because of the discomfort. The change in the position of your stomach and other internal organs impact your spine. This will cause your posture to be different than usual. Simple movements like sitting down and standing up could be way more difficult by this week. 


It is possible that your abdominal cramping at the 34th week is preterm labor. However, don’t get too alarmed unless you also see other symptoms. There might be some cramps and pain around your belly because of the growing pressure on the belly. 


It is normal for your feet to swell because some veins extending to your legs are under pressure by the uterus. Try to keep your feet elevated to avoid getting your feet too swollen. Do not wear uncomfortable footwear as it can also cause swelling and pain on your feet.

Signs of early labor

It is possible that at 34th week you might go into labor. Even though the probability of this happening is really low, watch out for any signs of early labor such as:

  • Frequent contractions which are getting stronger each time. 
  • Your water is breaking.
  • Lower back pain accompanied by diarrhea.
  • Dilated cervix.
  • Your baby starts to drop down towards the pelvis. 

What should you do and don’t

  • Get massages to ease the back pain and swelling.
  • If you haven’t already readied your nursery, do it before the baby’s arrival because your hands will be tied taking care of the little one later. 
  • Make sure to get the car seat, strollers and the necessary furniture for your baby.
  • Use SPF to protect your skin, which is very sensitive at the moment. Also moisturize it to rid the itchiness due to stretching.
  • Perform kegels or pelvic floor exercises to strengthen your muscles. This will help you while giving birth. 
  • Even though you are heavy and exhausted, try to get about 30 minutes of light exercise everyday. This will boost your energy and keep you healthier.
  • What Happens Next Week

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