Best time to start adding supplements and vitamins to your diet!

Overview of that week

As soon as you get to know that you are pregnant, it is important that you get the right care from your doctor. So, on your week 6 you should schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN or physician.

If you schedule an appointment with an early ultrasound, you might even get to hear your baby’s heartbeat which is probably beating at twice the rate of yours.  

Baby development

As the major growth and developments of your baby embryo is happening at the moment, if you are nervous and excited for your baby right now, it is fitting to the situation. The 5-millimeter-long embryo’s heart is beating and its brain is developing along with other vital body organs.

The eyes, nose, mouth and ears are all just spots but starting to take form even if your baby is still really really small. The amniotic sac and placenta are developing rapidly to support the baby’s growth. 

Body changes in mother

Pregnancy will bring a lot of changes in your body. Especially in the initial weeks, these changes fluctuate your hormone levels causing sore breasts, frequent peeing, cravings, headaches and morning sickness.

Heartburn and stomach distress:

You might start to have every kind of gastrointestinal issue even if you had never had it before. It is because your stomach muscles are more relaxed now because of an increase in progesterone. It might be difficult to keep food inside due to acid refluxes. So, it is a good time to cut back on oily and spicy food with a lot of grease. 

Morning sickness:

Get ready to go through the most gruesome and the most common symptom of pregnancy. This symptom is expected to start at around the 6th week of pregnancy if it hasn’t already. Although people call it morning sickness, it might happen any time of the day. You will feel nauseated which might be worse if you also suffer from vomiting. If you are already having other stomach distresses and not feeling like eating anything, this might add onto the feeling. 

Frequent peeing:

As if the nausea and cravings weren’t enough to drain all the energy in you, whenever you finally seem to catch a breath you might find the urge to pee. This is because there is an increased blood flow in your pelvic region causing your kidney to be way more efficient and pass more urine at a small amount of time. 

Fatigue and tiredness: 

During the early stages of pregnancy, many women describe feeling incredibly exhausted. An abrupt increase in progesterone may be responsible for this symptom, which includes a drop in energy and weariness. Your body is working hard throughout the first trimester to adjust to several physical and mental changes, which might wear you out.

What should you do and don’t

  • Learn about medications that should be avoided or are harmful during pregnancy.
  • Start taking supplements like Folic acid, iron, calcium, and vitamin D to support your baby’s development.
  • Eat small meals throughout the day to avoid nausea and acid refluxes. 
  • Eat your dinner a couple of hours before going to bed to avoid acid reflux. 
  • Keep drinking water to avoid dehydration, especially if you are suffering from morning sickness. Don’t cut back on water or other liquids just because you feel like you are having to pee too much as your body needs hydration at the moment. 
  • Start your prenatal vitamins and supplements.
  • It is recommended that you perform some kind of an exercise for about 30 minutes a day for five days a week.
  • What Happens Next Week

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