You're definitely pregnant and you can now confirm it now with a heartbeat!

Overview of that week

By the seventh week of your pregnancy, you are probably no stranger to all the symptoms that are striking you out of nowhere. It is only a couple of weeks before you start to gain your energy back and find a solution to dealing with each one of them. But for now, it is best if you take help of a professional. So, if you haven’t scheduled an appointment, it is the right time to schedule your first prenatal appointment with your OB/GYN or a physician.

Baby development

Don’t let all the loss of energy make you feel drained because by this week you might be able to hear the first sound your baby ever makes. At the seventh week ultrasound, a heartbeat can be detected.

The embryo now has tiny buds that will grow to become limbs. In addition to the limbs, the embryo grows a visible tail in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The tail dissolves inside of the womb after a few weeks of pregnancy.

The brain cells in your baby are growing at about 250000 cells per minute. Your baby’s spinal cord and at the ends of what will be the brain and the tailbone have already started to take shape. At this rate of growth, your baby has managed to grow to become about ¼ of an inch in length.

Body changes in mother

Right when you think you are getting used to the symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, morning sickness, moodiness, and cravings, your body will have more changes.

Skin issues:

Hormonal changes can cause breakouts and acne. Even if you have never had issues of oily skin or dry skin or even skin pigmentation, pregnancy can cause you to get them. Make sure not to strip your skin of natural oil if you are getting acne. Exfoliate gently, moisturize and use sunscreen. Protect your skin with SPF to prevent getting Melasma also known as the pregnancy mask.

Mucus plugs:

Another change you won’t notice on the outside is that your mucus plug is forming and growing to shut down the opening of your cervix. Mucus plug seals the uterus and prevents infection from any bacteria from the outside. This will only open and break at the time of your delivery. 

Umbilical cord:

Umbilical cord is what connects you and your baby through the placenta that provides food and oxygen. By week 7, the umbilical cord will have completely formed and starts to supply blood and nutrients to your embryo and drain out the waste products.

What should you do and don’t

  • Continue your prenatal vitamins and supplements.
  • Get a good night’s sleep and take naps in the afternoon to replenish your energy. Cut down on caffeine to a cup a day to make sure you are sleeping through the night.
  • Do not drink coffee around the evening, this might make you urine more frequently and also sleep poorly.
  • Folic acid is extremely crucial during the development of your baby’s brain. Make sure that you are taking the supplement. 
  • Avoid working out on your back and abdomen which can affect your pregnancy. Also stay away from heavy and strenuous workouts that can cause overheating and extreme exhaustion.
  • What Happens Next Week

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